Now on COLORINGCREW.COM we offer you the possibility of publishing your own coloring pages on our website to color online.

If you think you are talented and you want to share your coloring pages with all the users don't doubt it: send us your coloring pages and we will publish them so the rest of the crew can paint them in thousands of different ways.

If you want to publish your coloring pages we need that the files you send follow these requirements:

Send the coloring pages in one of these formats: JPG, GIF or PNG.
The coloring pages must be linears and in Black and White. (we won't accept drawings already colored).
The size of the coloring pages must be bigger than 450x 450 píxels.

Be aware that the coloring pages will be colored by the users, so it's important that they have closed lined, so they can color there. This is an example of how the coloring pages must be.

The coloring pages you send can be signed or marked by you, but the size of the signature can't be bigger than 130x45px.

By sending us your coloring pages you are accepting their publication in all COLORINGCREW.COM

VERY IMPORTANT: the coloring pages you send must be original and created by you. We won't publish coloring pages of famous animated tv series.

Send us your coloring pages to the adress, telling us your name and surname, your age, your nationality and, if you have it, your website or personal blog. If your coloring page follows all the instructions and requirements you will receive an email confirming its publication in COLORINGCREW.COM.