1. What is a cookie and to use them?

Cookies and similar files are small text files that are placed on your computer, tablet, mobile phone, ... to obtain certain information about your browsing.

2. Types of cookies

By browsing this website are used (1) session cookies and (2) persistent cookies can be ours or other companies.

Session cookies are cookies that store data on your visit to the website but are deleted when you finish and close the page.

Persistent cookies are cookies that last longer because they are stored on your computer, tablet or mobile phone and you can access even if you close the page and visit us. They can last a few minutes, days or years.

Own cookies: These are the cookies that belong to us. Our company is called HISPANETWORK PUBLICIDAD Y SERVICIOS SL and is managing this site

Our cookies are used for three things:

  1. For you to navigate properly and the page will know if you can sign and what is your username.
  2. So we can analyze what your habits and tastes are as you browse the web page. With this information we can do statistics.
  3. So you can view the page in your language and your tastes and we can know the type of browser you use and from where you have connected, for example.

Third party cookies: Cookies are other companies that are dedicated to analyzing which parts of the site visits, which may send you advertising that interests you and if you've connected to a social network.

In this table we show you who they are and what these companies use the information they collect:

Why use third party cookies?


What companies use them?

If you want more information click on the links

They are used to keep track of the contents of the social networking sites you visit. They also allow you to identify yourself with your username.







Google Analytics:


Mookie 1:





Customization cookies: Allows you access to the website by selecting the language, browser type, the number of results per page you want to see and in what state or city you are.




Analytic Cookies: We let you track and analyze your behavior on the web. The information collected is used to measure the views of the web, profiling of people browsing and statistics.


Google Analytics




Advertising Cookies: Let us know what we put advertising on the web to remove or add more.




Behavioral advertising cookies: Depending on the type of pictures that you like, we can send announcements and advertisements that fits what might interest you more.



Mookie 1


3. Disabling or removing cookies.

To disable or delete cookies on your computer then you can click on the type of browser you use and explain the steps you have to follow to do so. If you have questions about how you can ask your parents or guardians.

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Internet Explorer
  • Safari Edit → Preferences → Privacy → Block cookies (select "always").
  • Opera
  • Safari (IOS)

Una vez que has aceptado que te instalemos cookies, si te arrepientes puedes rechazar el uso de cookies nuestra o de otras empresas a través de las opciones anteriores (Google Chrome, Safari, etc...) o si sabes exactamente qué empresas no quieres que te envíen cookies elige a continuación y pincha en el link:

Optout Google Analytics:

Optout Google/Doubleclick:

Optout Mediamind:

Optout Youtube:

Optout Mookie 1:

Optout Scorecardresearch:

Optout Yahoo:

Know that if you reject all cookies you will not see all the contents of the page because the operation is not quite normal even you may be prevented from accessing the user registry.

4. Changes in Cookies Policy.

We may amend or change this Policy Cookies if law or regulation requires us. In addition, we always follow the instructions given by the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

If we make changes we will inform you with a notice on the website or by sending an email if you are a registered user.

If you wish to give more information about what we do with cookies, please send an e-mail to